Logansport High School Homecoming 2021

Homecoming is the time to show school spirit, welcome back former members, and reflect on the good times and memories that have been made.

“I love seeing our community come together to support our student body at the Homecoming game and parade. It is a chance to showcase our pride in our high school and community,” Grace Scott said, who has been in charge of Homecoming since the fall of 2016.

This year, Homecoming festivities kicked off with a Student Council Blood Drive followed by Homecoming King and Queen votes, the Homecoming Parade, the pep rally, and lastly the Homecoming game, where Logansport High School went against Richmond High School. LHS won the game with 65-24.

“Right now, I think the best part of Homecoming is the parade. We added the parade to make Homecoming include all the club members, not just the nominees, and I really enjoy getting to see so many kids participate,” Amy Werner said, who has also been in charge of homecoming for 7 years.

Scott and Werner dedicate time outside of their classrooms to prepare for Homecoming.

“There is a tremendous amount of time, energy, and organization that goes into creating all of the events for Homecoming, whether it is the parade, the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen, or planning the fun events that surround Homecoming week,” Scott said.

During halftime of the game, the Homecoming King and Queen were announced. The winners were Brendy Diaz and Jesus Ramirez from Diversity Club.

“I was shocked when I won because I was going up against a lot of great people; most of them were really good friends of mine, but it was hard to say I could win,” Ramirez said.

Homecoming 2021 was an overall success.