Phommakhot Honored for Impact on Student’s Lives


Lori Lange

Social Studies teacher Alex Phommakhot poses with family and Key Club after receiving his award.

Logansport Junior High School social studies teacher Alex Phommakhot was recognized on Nov. 22 by the LHS Key Club for being an outstanding teacher and impacting his students’ lives.

“I am so humbled and honored to receive this recognition as an educator,” Phommakhot said. “I have only been teaching for over a year, which is insane, to say the least.”

While he realized he had an effect on their lives, Phommakhot didn’t realize how big it was.

“I knew my students appreciated me as their teacher, but I was not aware of the impact that I had in their lives,” Phommakhot said.

Phommakhot takes extra time out of his day to help students.

“One day, when I was unfortunately behind on school work and had no clue where to even start, he took time from his lunch and prep period to help me out and show me,” eighth-grade student Cesar Martin said, “He is there not for a paycheck or just because, but he is a teacher who truly tries to help students reach whatever heights they’re aiming for. This is only one of many times this teacher has helped not just me but tons of other students in a very impactful way.”

His enthusiasm allows students to focus on their work for his class.

“Last year, when I was in 7th grade, I had him for the first period,” eighth-grade student Savanah Mccall said, “We would talk about lots of great history, and it was super fun he made it easy to learn. Also, he is a very great teacher. He helps with the environment. He made a Diversity Club this year. I just want to say thank you to him for teaching me lots of new things.”

Phommakhot strives to create an inclusive learning environment where students of all abilities and identities can learn.

“I make it a priority to build that personal connection with my students,” Phommakhot said. “As they walk into my classroom, I want them to know that they are heard and seen at all times. It is my role as an educator to assess my students individually, especially taking into consideration their learning styles, identities, preferences, and points of view. Also, I am a firm believer in providing my students the best opportunity to think critically for themselves in order for my students to develop autonomy, problem-solving skills, and confidence. I want my students to feel that they could achieve success in my classroom and gain the confidence to achieve more in life.”