Is “Fortnite” That Bad?

The video game “Fortnite”, made by Epic Games, gets criticized for numerous things that normally just boil down to people calling it bad in different ways. One of which makes fun of the new “Fortnite” season by calling it the C.O.D season due to the many added things that make the game slightly reminiscent of another video game series, “Call Of Duty” by Activision. However, some of these complaints are completely reasonable such as when people get upset that they took structure building out of the game. Although, it was added back in shortly after being removed.

In Fortnite Battle Royale, the player or a squad of players will be dropped out of a bus filled with a hundred players to find loot and make sure that your team is the last one standing. “Fortnite” is a game that doesn’t take long to get used to and as someone who barely plays any shooter games. I caught on and eventually found the game rather easy. Maybe too easy for low levels who are stuck in lobbies with A.I players that can barely play the game. However when you reach higher levels or play with high-level friends then the game gets very interesting, far more challenging, and far more enjoyable because there are more real-life players to go against in battle that will actually pose a real level of difficulty.

In my opinion, building is one of the more enjoyable parts of the game. Learning how to get better at the building and how to protect yourself using the measly wooden pieces was something most people would find to be troubling due to the way the specialized “builder pro” settings are set up. However, when a player finds themselves in a difficult situation, having this setting on is extremely useful to the game.

The community of “Fortnite” is seemingly not as toxic or rude as most people claim. In most other competitive games, you are likely to get messages sent to you whenever you get killed or kill that person. In “Fortnite,” I have yet to encounter even the most common form of corpse deficaton, which is extremely popular among most people who play competitive games.

In “Fornite”, the aspects of the game we can describe as bad would likely be the driving mechanics which to me are hard and annoying to get used to. The way the guns and tank cannons have such little bullet drop makes the shooting strange if you are coming from a different more realistic shooter game. The good things about “Fortnite” however outweigh the bad. The game is incredibly aesthetically pleasing with a large amount of map and season diversity. The emotes are great and the non-verbal communication is good enough to work. As stated previously the community that surrounds “Fortnite” is incredibly polite and not nearly as toxic as people say.