Concert Cautiousness


FIB Benicassim 2018 Travis Scott/Iñaki Espejo-Saavedra/Flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Travis Scott on stage at a concert previous to the disastrous Astroworld concert.

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In today’s day and age, there are below 10 things in the world that the entire melting pot would agree on. One of those things is music. Many would agree that music is something people generally enjoy. With the way society works, when a large group of people like something, they improve it. In this instance, it’s people liking music so much they crowd together and listen to music at concerts. Concerts are something that everyone can enjoy, or that is the way it is supposed to be.

Travis Scott, the popular musician, has had multiple concerts in the past, but his most recent concert, Astroworld, got entirely too far out of hand. Ten individuals died when a mosh pit became dangerous, including 3 children ranging in ages from 9 to 16.

“I think Travis’s concert was very unfortunate and sad. It was a tragic event, and I think it could have been avoided if it was better organized, or if they stopped the concert once the first person died,” junior Halle VanCuren said.

At Astroworld, it was not just shoulder-to-shoulder. People were not able to move, and there was a pile of people on top of each other. Venues in this instance should be in charge of making sure there is sufficient space, especially with a pandemic still currently ongoing.

“It was an outdoor concert in a big field and very packed with not many spots to sit. If standing would have been shoulder-to-shoulder,” senior Draydon Sommers said.

A specific level of organization is supposed to be upheld by a venue, not only because of how it would look if it was organized poorly but for the loyal fans who purchased tickets at a price of $200 or more. People typically attend the concert because they have listened to the artist for a long time or enjoy their music the most.

“Grew up listening to this specific band, and tickets were cheap and haven’t been to Indiana in a long time,” Sommers said.

The flow of the crowd at Travis Scott’s concert was not a small mosh pit or just minimal shoving. People were thrown to the ground, fights broke out, and the mosh pit turned into a stockpile. The flow of normal concerts is much more relaxed, even if it gets crazy.

“Mosh pits but nothing where you would get hurt. Most of it was more relaxed,” senior Abel Leon said.

When going to the next concert, make sure you read the situation carefully upon arrival. As we have seen, at Astroworld, when lots of people are conglomerated in an area, things can escalate quickly.