Review: ‘Outer Banks’ Never Ending Treasure Hunt



Starting on Apr. 15, 2020, the first episode of “Outerbanks” premiered. Fans soaked in the show through various quarantines and fans couldn’t get enough. The wait for the long-awaited season three just released, giving fans a new expansion of the story to love.

“Outer Banks” has returned. Viewers have been waiting months for the next season to arrive, and it finally has. The show was released on Feb. 23. Overall, it was good. Various treasure hunts add more drama to the storyline. The show was most certainly a roller coaster of emotions. Many upsetting parts were at the beginning, which made it more interesting.

At the end of season two, Sarah Cameron was kidnapped by her own family. As her friends tried to save her and get the cross that belonged to Pope Heyward’s family, they dropped it into the ocean. They all eventually had to jump overboard. 

Opening up into season three, we see the cast on an island they named Poguelandia. They were all looking for a way out. After a month of being stuck on the island, they finally found a way. It wasn’t the most straightforward task, but they got the plane to stop and pick them up. After what happened with Sarah’s family, they had trouble trusting anyone but took a chance. They eventually found out it wasn’t her father, it was worse. The guy flying the plane was working for Sighn. Sighn’s men kidnaped Kiara while she was trying to save the pilot. After that, the show takes a big turn, which is confusing at times, but the show needed to take a turn after the first two seasons.

Outer Banks was originally just a group of teenagers living at the cut, spending most of their free time looking for John B’s dad. They had so much trouble in the process of doing so. They had found a legendary treasure tied to John B’s dad. 

Season three had a lot of different things going on at once, but it made you wonder what would happen next and that’s what made the show enjoyable. It was not the best season of the show because they all found love and were more worried about that instead of the danger in front of them. Then, John B’s dad, Big John appeared in the show and added more risk into their lives.

But, it was still good. While they should have spaced out the many things that happened all at once, overall, the season was solid with a satisfying ending that gives a clean slate for a possible season 4.