Review: ‘Scream VI’ Leaves Woodsboro for a Fresh Start


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“Scream VI” was released March 10. As of March 20, the movie has made a total of $117.3 million world wide. A group with three girls and one guy set off to start a new life in New York City. During their time in the city, they find themselves being hunted down by a familiar enemy.

The latest addition to the “Scream” franchise brings a twist to the formula the previous five films have all had in common. Described as fresh, flawless, chilling and genius in the final trailer, the movie brings all of these qualities together.

After the events of “Scream (2022)”, the film follows the “core four” from the previous installation a year later. Tara Carpenter, who is played by Jenna Ortega, Sam Carpenter, who Melissa Berrera plays, Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin, both portrayed by Jasmine Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding respectively leave Woodsboro and enter New York City to continue their educations. 

Although Sam is well out of college, she still ends up moving in with Tara. Her paranoia is showcased in the film well from the multitude of locks on their apartment door, to her constantly carrying around a weapon and her wanting to know where her sister is at all times. These were smart moves, though, because it seems that Ghostface followed the group from Woodsboro and is set on getting rid of them. 

The opening sequence is unique compared to the previous ones. The first victim of the film is a fairly popular actress, as usual. The “Scream” franchise tends to kill off their biggest stars within the first 12 minutes of their movies, like Drew Barrymore in the first “Scream” or Kelly Rutherford in “Scream 3.” This is to show that any character, no matter how famous the actor, can die at any moment. She’s waiting in a restaurant for her date when she receives a phone call and is led to an alleyway by a wannabe Ghostface where she meets her demise. 

The first two acts of the movie were amazing, and although the last isn’t as good as the continuation of a sudden and deranged third act in “Scream (2022),” it does something that’s more character motivated. A lot of people felt as if the motive that the Ghostfaces had was weak, but I feel like the third act ties in perfectly with it.

Something that many people feel is missing from the movie is the franchise’s iconic final girl, Sidney Prescott, who has been portrayed by Neve Campbell in the previous five movies. The reason for this is because of failed contract and negotiations between her and Paramount. She felt as if the producers were undervaluing her, therefore she ultimately decided that she would not reprise the role. 

Many felt as if this hurt the movie, but a few people, most notably fans newer to the “Scream” franchise and therefore less attached to the character, didn’t mind as much. I felt like, although I missed the character, Gale Weathers, who is another legacy character played by Courteney Cox, made up for it. She was in one of the best chase sequences in all of the six films thus far.

Overall, “Scream VI” is a great movie and fits into the series perfectly. It is easily one of the best movies in the franchise, ranking third place on Rotten Tomatoes under “Scream 2” and “Scream (1996)” at 77%. The kills were both creative and brutal, but the reveals were fairly predictable. The film did a good job of introducing new and likable characters while also bringing back a few legacy characters. It also sets up future films in the franchise fairly well.