Selective Socials


Payton Mucker

Sophomore Colby Anderson uses his Instagram account to see what friends are doing during a passing period.

New ways to communicate will always be a thing of any time when competition is at a high. These new ways that society has adapted over the last 10 years have helped shape the future in just 10 years of social media.

Social media is a way to stay connected with anyone who may live far away. Even if it is not on a day-to-day basis, hearing about someone makes the connections that stay when you cannot be there in person, no matter the age.

Students of LHS can visit LHS Magpie’s Instagram account for school news. (Emily Sanchez)

“I was 11 when I made my first Instagram account. It was good to be able to communicate with my friends and see what was going on in their lives,” senior Maggie Fincher said.

Students tend to use every social media at a younger age or just getting into high school. Then it turns to using social

media for texting friends, and not so much looking at whatever has caught your interest.

“I use Snapchat on a daily basis, but I’d say I only spend twoish hours a day on it,” Fincher said.

Social media can sometimes be dangerous when used at a super young age, but most people don’t create social media until they hit the ages 11-14.

“I was 13 when I made my first Instagram account,” senior Kayla Reyes said.

Oftentimes, when using anything for that long, regardless of it being social media or not, people can develop an addiction to it, which can lead to excessive use of social media; sometimes that isn’t a bad thing if that’s what they chose to do with their offtime.

“Twitter is the main social media I use probably for 2 hours a day,” Reyes said.

Some people don’t need their social media or are too busy to use it on a daily basis. Oftentimes, people get into phases of using it for 3 hours and then not using one for a week.

“I could stop using social media right now. I’ve deleted many of my accounts on occasion over the years and gone without it with ease,” Fincher said.

When considering what social media to use, the majority of people look for comfort.

Students can check Instagram and Twitter accounts from many school organizations like LHS Pep Cub. (Chandler Achey)

“A good social media is being able to freely communicate with friends and family without the pressure of society,” Fincher said

Another primary reason many use social media is due to the web of connections that can be built from across the world when in reality someone they feel close with can live over a thousand miles away.

“I get to see pictures of what my friends are doing that have moved away. This helps me still feel connected to them,” Fincher said.

Sometimes things are always about seriousness, like how Instagram can seem when entrepreneurs promote businesses on their social media. Some use it for a laugh or to waste time whether that is on Tik Tok watching videos or reading tweets that they find funny; it can simply be something to brighten their or someone else’s day.

“Something nice to wake up to is seeing something that can make me laugh,” Reyes said.

Many things in the past that got this popular in size stayed around for a long time. They find ways to adapt so people keep using them.

“Social media will likely stick around for decades but will not be the same thing it is today in twenty years,” junior Nick Todd said.