Mary Max Posters

This article is the English translation of the article “Carteles de Mary Max.”

Students at Logansport High School have made posters based on movies. The movie posters were created in the dual credit Commercial Photography class in the Century Career Center. The movie posters have been used as a medium to promote films with a commercial intent of getting people to buy tickets, and how it was displayed often inside of movie theaters, and elsewhere in the school of LHS in Century Career center. The current posters are two years old, but news posters will appear this fall.

“For me, it is interesting to see design posters in places like the cinema. The students have very striking designs because of the colors, and I love it a lot because it is striking to see them as the titles they have,” senior Magdalena Mateo said.

Senior Elizabeth Ambrocio argues that the designs were very effective in drawing attention to the public.

“For me, it is very impressive that movie posters that embrace the whole message and feeling of the movie are arousing the public’s curiosity and bringing more people to theaters. Movie posters are more than just material because of the main design that captures the viewer’s attention,” Ambrocio said.

Some find it interesting how some students can achieve and create.

“I find it interesting that Logansport High School students design their movie posters, and that they use their creativity to create and style the posters,” freshman Maria Mateo said.

“Fast & Furious” is a media film centered on a series of action films.

“I like this ‘Fast Furious movie’ because it’s a good movie for all the people who can see it, and I was delighted that the LHS students did something like that, and I find these posters very interesting; they look very amazing,” freshman Andres Diego said.

Junior Angelina Gaspar expressed her opinion about the movie posters in the designs.

“I liked it a lot because it is very colorful in the colors and the characters that make them draw attention to how they designed it and because in some way it is very attractive in how the people are wearing and the color that generates tension as in the places that are seen too,” Gaspar said.

“Lucy” is a movie that tells us about a young woman named Lucy. She is a 25-year-old American who is studying in Taipei, Taiwan, and her new boyfriend Richard tricks her into working as a drug mule for a Korean mob boss and druglord.

“I like the design and the look in the eyes; the brown really stands out in all the black and gray colors. I feel like the meaning behind this image might mean the truth behind someone’s eyes. As if I didn’t expect such a person to go through specific kinds of obstacles,” freshman Neily Ortiz said.

The “Twilight Eclipse Saga” is a 2010 American romantic fantasy film known as the 2010 Stephenie Meyer novel of the same name and the 2010 companion novel “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”.

“I really like the ‘Eclipse’ movie because the color is very beautiful and very striking. I also like how they designed it and in some way it is very attractive in the eyes of the visitors and in how they have the characters as well and the color that generates tension,” Freshman Abraham Velasquez said.