An Appetite for the Culinary Arts


Lily Newell

The Culinary Arts third and fourth period class prepares to cook for the teachers’ carry-in on Feb. 3. Before the students can cook, they have to put on their hair nets, wash their hands and sanitize the counters. “Since we cater and work around dangerous equipment, it is very important that each student knows some basic kitchen safety,” Saylor said. “Each year, the students start out with learning what is needed to be safe in the kitchen with equipment and food safety. They must pass the exam with an 80% or better to be in the lab. This is done so that I do not worry if the kiddos will serve unsafe foods.”

The Culinary Arts program has given students a chance to fully immerse themselves in learning how to cook professionally. Pursuing the program also helps students experience foods from different cultures. The program is in its fourth year of operation. Even though the classroom is not located in the Century Career Center, it is still a part of the courses that are offered there. 

Culinary arts teacher Todd Saylor has taught for twelve years. Before working at the high school, Saylor spent time working for Disney.

“Working for the Walt Disney Company has provided me with a plethora of experiences to bring to our tour of the world cuisine,” Saylor said. “I have also been able to connect with resources from all over the world to help aid us in providing an authentic experience in terms of cuisine introduction.” 

Since Saylor has so much experience, he’s able to teach students how to cook foods they’ve never tried before. This enables the students to get out of their comfort zone and try new things.