The Most Difficult Classes

In high school, classes can range in difficulty with the most common reasons being the teacher, the students, or just the information being taught. These types of classes are in all grade levels, and there is likely a lack of students who haven’t experienced a class they did not like or find to be easy.

“I think I find some classes difficult partly because based on what we are learning. In any class, sometimes, I don’t have any interest, so it gets difficult to motivate myself to complete assignments. I’ve also had teachers in the past who I couldn’t really learn from just based on their preferred teaching style,” senior Daisy Mateo said.

A lot of students find that not just, classes are difficult, but the entire subject can be hard. These subjects are normally the four main class types including math, science, history, and English with a focus on areas such as algebra, chemistry, and geology.

“Overall, in high school, I’ve personally found biology to be the most difficult for me. Again, it’s a subject I’m particularly not very interested in, so it’s difficult for me to keep a hold of the knowledge,” Mateo said.

Freshmen have some of the harder times in high school because while the classes may not be as advanced, the amount of stress they can feel due to it being their first year in the big kids’ school can get to them.

“I think my most difficult year would be both freshman and sophomore year. Freshman year was a completely new year, filled with new people and experiences. I was so excited to be in high school and I admit, I was more focused on having fun rather than trying my best in classes which later backfired. Sophomore year, I was catching up from freshman year and chose to be in elective classes I thought I was interested in which was a struggle after realizing I really didn’t want to be in there. It’s important to venture out in high school but it’s also very important to focus on your education so that in later years, you’re not retaking those freshman and sophomore classes and using your time toward something else you would love doing during your junior and senior year,” Mateo said.

Many students will debate over which grade has the most difficult classes, but an answer will probably not be found due to the fact that most schools have different class options for their grade levels.

“This year, my senior year, I haven’t found any of my classes to be very difficult to be completely honest. Some classes do seem to move pretty quickly which can be a bit stressful, but it hasn’t been horrible,” Mateo said.