Artists of LHS


Jasmine Zimmerman

Sophomore Eric Howard and junior Madison Lupke express their love for art.

Logansport High School offers many talented students, ranging from athletes to musicians to academic superstars. With so much talent to share, it’s hard for each individual student to get the attention they deserve. Some of these valuable students bring LHS an artistic outlook. 

Erick Howard 

Sophomore Erick Howard is sixteen years old, and along with the playing of multiple instruments, his love for skateboarding, and his joy for graphic design, Howard shares his deep passion for art.

How did you become passionate about art?

I don’t have an exact way that I got into art. It just kinda clicked around what I would say was, maybe, 6th grade. Ever since then, it has been a pretty big part of my life.

It helps me express my creativity, and it’s a way of escaping reality when things aren’t the greatest.

— Erick Howard

What art classes have you taken here at LHS?

I have taken Intro to 3D Art and Drawing 1, and I am currently taking Advanced 3D Art. Outside of school, I have taken two different painting classes in both Peru and Rochester.

How would you explain your style of art?

I would say I don’t have a particular style still. I’m still trying to find out what kind of stuff I want to make or the style I want to make it in. But, I would say it is very versatile. I like to mess with digital art, charcoal, oil pastels, and pencil drawings.

How do you feel about people knowing you for your art or as an artistic person?

I think it really nice to know when people know me for my art, especially if some or even just one of my pieces has made some kind of impact or simply just made people happy. It means I have accomplished what I had set in mind.

Madison Lupke

Junior Madison Lupke may be quiet, but her mind is the opposite. When she’s not traveling the world, she spends a lot of her time reading and enjoying time with family and friends. Lupke finds a way to connect art with anything and everything in her life.

How did you become passionate about art?

I’ve always liked art, creating things. Since I was little, I remember liking doing crafts. I think my life is surrounded by it. Even if I’m not always creating things, I constantly see things I think would be fun to draw or make art about.

I think I’ll always have art in my life, even if it is not me creating it. I love creating and looking at colors and patterns and textures. I also believe music is art, and I love that too. Even if I lose creating it, I will still be able to enjoy looking at it.

— Madison Lupke

What art classes have you taken here at LHS?

I’ve taken many art classes, including the Intro to Photography class at the Career Center, Intro to 2D and Advanced 2D, Drawing, and Painting 2. I have also done three years of summer art classes.

How would you explain your style of art?

I don’t exactly know how to explain my art style. To be 100% honest, I don’t think I’ve figured it out yet. Although, I do know my favorite mediums to use are pencil and charcoal.

How do you feel about people knowing you for your art or as an artistic person?

I’m all right with people knowing me for my art. I’d be known as something I enjoy doing, so it wouldn’t be a bad thing.