New Family Fun at U-Know


Dominique Zamora-Arias

Located at 516 E Broadway Street, U-Know offers food such as pizza, ice cream, and sandwiches to all that want to go out with the family. Residents that have visited the area have stated that it’s a laid-back place that offers board games, and now, an escape room that’s fun for the kids.

A pizza shop, ice cream parlor, mini arcade, and now home to an escape room and virtual golf simulator; U-Know Pizza is a place to go when looking for fun. 

“We decided we wanted to give something to Logansport that is unique and different from everything,” Michael Bir, co-founder of U-Know, said. “So, that now people don’t have to go out of town to get to do something anymore.”

The escape room features a murder mystery dealing with the disappearance of an FBI officer. 

“It takes about an hour to finish it,” Bir said. “It’s a lot of fun but it’s also challenging.”

U-Know’s new escape room is one of two new attractions. This recently added piece of entertainment adds fun by solving challenging puzzles that cause the player to use their knowledge. (Dominique Zamora-Arias)

The escape room isn’t the only new addition to U-Know. 

“We had an extra room just being rented out,” Bir said. “My uncle had a golf simulator, so we were like ‘No one really gets to golf in the winter anyway,’ so we added that. Even though we have only had it for about a week or two, we have gotten some really good responses from it.”

If neither of those tickles the fancy of customers, then they can bring their family in for some fun as a team.

“Another thing we do that is a lot of fun is Logan Feud,” Bir said. “Every Thursday at six, you can bring in a team of three or four, and it’s basically just Family Feud.”

Although Logan Feud does take place in the bar area of U-Know, it’s open to all ages.

“You can bring the whole family,” Bir said. “It’s recommended to be around 13 and up, but everyone is welcome.”