Sports Briefs: Starting the Baseball Season


Jakson Combs

(Above) Baseball is one of many sports LHS students can participate in. So far, the junior varsity baseball team has had a great start to their season with a 3-0 win streak.

This year, the LHS baseball JV team has had an amazing start with no losses out of the three games they played and a lot of enthusiasm from the team members The varsity team however has experienced a couple of losses during the start of the season. The players are well-coordinated and are effectively athletic for the sport.

Members of the LHS baseball team work very hard to represent and make our school proud, like the catcher preparing to catch the oncoming pitch. (Jakson Combs )

“This year’s team holds a special place in my heart. Every individual on the team contributes and helps to continue the growth of Logansport Baseball. I think we will do very well this year. We are 3-0 so far. The chemistry on this team is unmatched, and if everyone shows up for a good game, no one will be able to beat us. I like baseball because it helps me deal with stress and other problems. Baseball has helped me grow as an athlete and a person,” freshman Micah Rogers said.

Girls Tennis Starts Season

Tennis starts the season by practicing hard every day. Tennis coach Adam Thompson talks about the start of the season.

Tennis is one of the many spring sports that are played by LHS students. Junior Atticus Picardo prepares to serve the ball across the court. (Estefany Barradas)

“The team has been doing really well. They have improved pretty well for what little season we have had. I believe, despite COVID, the team has gotten bigger and improved,” said Thompson.

Freshman and tennis player Andy Rojas says the team has been doing really well.

“We have a lot of really good players, and I have seen a lot of improvement so far. Our plans for the future would be to improve on our skill, technique, and reaction time so we can win against our opponents,” said Rojas

On Tuesday, April 19, 2022, girls tennis had a home game against Harrison. It was an unfortunate loss for Logansport. Rojas thinks the team will be able to learn from this loss and use it to help build them up to win.