Diving into the New Swim Season


Jennifer Anaya-Serrano

Coming up for a breath, senior Atticus Picardo swims the catch up drill to help better his stroke.

As the season transitions to winter, sports are changing. One of the many sports is the swimming and diving team. The swim and dive team practiced in the month of October for the season. They have had morning practice Tuesdays and Thursdays morning at 6:30. During these practices the swimmers, have been doing workouts that will end up helping them in the water.

“I feel the start of the season has been pretty good,” senior Taelynn Benish said. “We have a lot of new swimmers, which is exciting, a lot of great potential.” 

Swim and diving practice is practiced in the weight room from 6:15 a.m.-7:15 a.m., afternoon practice is from 3:50-6 p.m., along with diving right after at 6 p.m. In these practices, their workouts vary from running, walking rotations, jump squats, planks, stretching, and working on technique in the water.

“I actually really like morning practices,” Benish said. “It’s a good way to start the day, and getting stronger and fitter with my teammates is my favorite part. We always make the best of it.”

Girl season started October 24, while boys start November 7. Girls have been practicing this week and boys have been allowed to work with the girls for a little bit.

“The practices are just getting started, which means we are getting back into swim mode,” Benish said. “Not too many yards, just trying to get the technique perfect, speed will come later. We are having two-a-day to get us back in shape and our heart rate up.”