Communication vs. Comprehension


Gretchen Prifogle

Junior Payton Mucker is trying to have a conversation with junior Vasan Nomany, but Nomany is not understanding.

When asked what’s the most important thing in a relationship, most couples would respond with communication. But, what if there was something even more important than communication? That thing is comprehension. Without proper comprehension, communication does not matter.

Students and adults struggle with properly communicating with one another. This lack of understanding can cause many issues in their relationships.

A good relationship requires effective communication, which is a crucial component of all relationships, romantic or platonic. People frequently hear this but rarely understand what is truly being said.

The transmission of information from one person to another is the definition of communication. In a relationship, communication enables a person to express to another their feelings and requirements. Communicating not only enables someone to get what they need but also strengthens the bond in a relationship.

According to Giovanni Knight, comprehension is frequently more crucial than the communication itself. Even if more effort is put into crafting a message, if the other person is unable to understand it, they will not have been as successful as intended. Understanding is crucial to how a person learns and remembers knowledge.

A key component of listening skills is comprehending what is being said. A person can respond to communication more accurately if they can understand the meaning and message of what is being heard.

Active listening is necessary for effective communication. Additionally, people will only understand something with active listening. Therefore, if one were to limit themselves to just one, communication or comprehension, they would have neither.

A team report, published by the Oxford University Press, addressed that knowledge and comprehension are crucial elements of personal comprehension of health materials. Scientists and medical professionals work hard to ensure that they can explain their message in a way that their audience can understand because the health area might be complicated for some.

An example of communication versus comprehension is Melanie telling her boyfriend that she doesn’t appreciate doing all the housework. After this statement, the boyfriend continues to not help around the house. This show that comprehension is missing, and Melanie is going to become more irritated

This shows both communication and comprehension are still crucial to any relationship. Both are necessary for the other to exist. Relationships with good communication but bad comprehension are an unbalance that is doomed to fail. Communication and comprehension are two sides of the same coin. 

All in all, when expressing thoughts, take into account the other person and the stage of their understanding. When it is time to understand new information, take into account the message’s intended audience. Comprehension and communication can be challenging when only one is used, but they function best when both are used. Good comprehension should be brought up while talking about the significance of effective communication.