Richie Sweeps Girls January Magpie Athlete of the Month


Jakson Combs

During her senior season, Gabby Richie crossed the 1,000 points scored mark for her high school career.

For senior Gabby Richie, making local newspaper headlines is an everyday thing. Richie is a current basketball superstar and plans to be a part of the tennis team in the spring. Collectively, over her four years at LHS, Richie has competed in 93 basketball games and has scored 1,247 points while averaging 13.4 points per game.

So far in her senior season, she has averaged 18.1 points per game, 3.7 defensive rebounds, and 1.3 offensive rebounds. In honor of her outstanding basketball career, she has been awarded the January Magpie Athlete of the Month, having been selected by staff and students.

“It feels very good to be honored with the Athlete of the Month award,” Richie said. “I didn’t know that Magpie had an athlete of the month, but that doesn’t make this feeling of getting the award any less special.”

Hard work and dedication were key to Richie’s success.

“I wouldn’t have the skills and talent that I do today if it wasn’t for my discipline in basketball throughout the past eight years,” Richie said. “There were times when I didn’t want to work out, but I pushed myself through it. I knew I would thank myself later for it, and that the hard work would eventually pay off.”

For Richie, this is her final high school basketball season, but she plans to play ball in college.

“I’m not too emotional about it because I won’t be done playing basketball,” Richie said. “I will be playing basketball in college. It would feel different if I was done with playing ball forever. I am, however, excited about our sectional draw because we have a very good chance to win it all this year.”