LHS Celebrates National FFA Week


Lily Newell

Sophomore Samuel Esqueda puts a twenty-peso bill in principal Matt Jones’ voting jar. The week of Feb. 20, the FFA club planned different occasions students and staff could participate in to celebrate National FFA week. Each year the United States celebrates National FFA week. The week coincides with President George Washington’s birthday because he greatly contributed to United States agriculture.

Between Feb. 20 to Feb. 24, the Logansport FFA chapter celebrated National FFA week. From dressing up to fun games, the club hosted and participated in various activities throughout the school all week.

“So far, we have based the activities and dress-up days on past years,” senior Graci Homburg said. “We like to switch it up. However, it’s still handy to look at past years for ideas.” 

Since there was no school on Monday due to President’s Day, the chapter kicked off FFA week by having a joint skating party at Logansport Skate World and Fun Center along with the Caston, Lewis Cass, Pioneer and Rochester FFA chapters.

Tuesday was Flannel Day, so students were able to show off their best and favorite flannels. During lunch, students were able to play “Milk Jug Ring Toss.” The game consists of the player trying to toss rings onto various milk jugs. 

Junior Melanie Contreras, junior Rosie Rodriguez and senior Graci Homburg stand near the main office to ask students for last-minute voting for a teacher to kiss the pig. Throughout National FFA Week, the FFA Club sets up multiple jars for students to drop their loose change in. Each jar has a certain teacher’s photo attached to it. Students put their money in any jar they wanted. The teacher that had the most amount of money in the jar had to kiss teacher Jennifer Fishburn’s miniature pig. All proceeds went towards the club’s funding. (Lily Newell)

The same morning, a couple of members of the chapter arrived in advisor Jennifer Fishburn’s classroom as early as 6:15 a.m. They prepared breakfast for the faculty of the school consisting of scrambled eggs and pancakes.

“They put up with a lot for us,” Fishburn said. “That’s kind of our appreciation for what the staff does for us, not only for students in general but for our organization. It’s just a thank you for our kids maybe missing school for competitions and stuff like that.”

On Wednesday, students were able to pick between their boots or their finest shoes by celebrating Country vs. Country Club Day. The game hosted during lunch was“Milk Chugging,” where contestants competed with each other to see who could chug the most milk in the shortest amount of time.

Thursday was Patriotic Day, and students were able to dress up in red, white, or blue. In the cafeteria, students were able to play “Knock em’ Dead!” The objective of the game was to knock over cups to win a prize.

Friday marks the end of FFA week, and the members of the chapter wore their official dress. At lunch, the game chosen was “Flower Pot Ball Toss.” The game is self-explanatory. Students had to toss balls targete at a flower pot to win the game.

During Impact, the student body crowded into the Berry Bowl to watch “Kiss the Pig,” which was a fundraiser that was created to help fund the chapter. Before the main event, a relay race was held. With lots of anticipation, principal Matt Jones ended up beating English teacher Grace Scott by 76 cents.

Getting down on his hands and knees, principal Matt Jones kisses Piper the Pig while FFA Advisor Jennifer Fishburn holds her leash. Out of all the faculty that agreed to participate in the voting for “Kiss the Pig,” Jones won by 76 cents. (Calvin Mackey)

“We have a select group of teachers that students can donate towards to see ‘Kiss the Pig’ at the end of FFA week,” Homburg said. “We have jars with their faces on them, and students are able to vote during both lunch and at the beginning of the school day.”

Logansport Junior High’s FFA has been keeping themselves busy throughout the week by decorating the school, having a school-wide scavenger hunt, participating in dress-up days, having a chapter breakfast, playing trivia games and hosting a school-wide food drive. Students participated for tickets that go towards a drawing at the end of the week.

“Each school I have been at celebrates FFA week a little differently,” advisor Morgan Blackwell said, “It really just depends on how involved the members want to be.”

This year marks the third year that the Logansport FFA Chapter has existed, along with how long they have been celebrating FFA week. This has been the biggest and most hyped-up celebration so far since more people have learned what FFA is. They have bigger plans for future years. 

“It’s a great time for our schools and students to get together to learn about agriculture and FFA,” Blackwell said. “Students also realize that FFA isn’t just about cows, plows and sows. No matter what your background is, there is something for everybody in FFA.”